Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It is always good to have goals in life!  I have a new goal for having this baby!  My goal is to have Harper before Cinco De Mayo so that I can enjoy a margarita!  I believe this goal is attainable which is very important when setting goals.  To get to this goal I will do the following:
-walk 2 miles per day
-lay on my right side every night
-do 50-100 squats per day
-last resort...get induced before the 5th!

I can taste the blended goodness now!  Oh and for those who know me best...you know I like a little whipped cream on my margaritas!  What can I say...happy hour in college taught me some bad habits!


HAPPY 29TH BIRTHDAY to the best twins I know! If my scanner was working I would post the best picture I have of you two in our ballet costumes when we were 8! It will have to wait until your 30th I guess! Hope you two have a great day!

Monday, April 27, 2009


I went to the doctor today and this is what I found out!
I am dialated to 3cm and 90% effaced....PROGRESS!!
Harper still has good fluid around her and I also had a non stress test to make sure she wasn't under stress!  Turns out she is still nice and comfy and stress free in there.  She is slightly sunny side up and they would like her to be face down for delivery.  Most of the time Dr. Garde says they fully turn down during labor, but she said the reason I haven't gone into labor could be because she is sunny side up!  So I will lay on my right side a bunch to try to get her in the right position!  I have another doctor appointment scheduled for Friday, but hopefully I will have to cancel it!  I never imagined I could possibly have a May baby!
I will keep everyone updated!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Well I was really hoping to have Harper today....I guess there is still 5 hours left so there is still a slim chance!  I have been doing everything to convince this girl that it will be better out here than in there!  I have eaten egg plant, drank raspberry leaf tea, drank basil leaf tea, walked about 10 miles, played with Xavier on the swing set and I think that is it!  So since she isn't here yet I had all day to enjoy the sun with Xavier and Steve.  Xavier and I went on a walk and then came home and played, played, played!  Xavier just loves our play set and he also can't get enough of driving round and round on his tractor!  Steve bought some veggie starts for our garden too!  We ended the day by driving out to LaConner to eat at Seeds (they have the best fish tacos in the world) and then we attempted to go see the tulips, but Tulip Town was closed.  Oh well!  Now Xavier is asleep and the Mariners are on...bring on the relaxation!  Hopefully my next post won't be for a few days due to my hospitalization!!!  Keep your fingers crossed!

Stevie starting to plant the garden!  I even got him a sign that says Dad's Garden!!
He caught it!
The game my mom taught Xavier...roll the ball up the slide and he catches it...hopefully!
I LOVE this little boy!
What a great smile!
He found a bug in the dirt and was chasing me with it.  What a boy...girls beware!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I went to the doctor today and guess what?!
I am STILL 2 cm and 80% effaced!  Nothing has changed from last week and my due date is tomorrow!  I have been walking, laying sod and walking some more and still NOTHING!!
 I think my grandpa who passed away 2 years ago is controlling this one!  His birthday is on April 24th so I think he wants her to be born on his birthday, which is fine with me!  Steve goes back to work tomorrow for a shift and my mom is coming up to have lunch and get manicures and pedicures!  A fun day to keep my mind off of the waiting!  

I felt like I needed to post a picture with this, so I randomly found this one!  Aren't they cute snuggling together!!


Standing in the window yelling HORSEY HORSEY!
Cooking their mamas some good food!
A break in the pitching/batting action saying cheese!

Getting the yard work done!

You just don't get the right effect from the title of this post.  I made the mistake early on in the day by telling Xavier that we were going to go to Ty's house later.  So what does he say ALL DAY??  "I WANT TO GO TO TY'S HOUSE!!!"  All day long and I mean all day long!  We went to lunch with Denise and Abby Taylor and he didn't eat a bite...he just kept saying he wanted to go to Ty's house.  Then when he fell asleep in the car on the way home he woke up screaming...I WANT TO GO TO TY'S HOUSE!!  The last thing we did was go get flower baskets with Kirstie and of course while we were they he wanted to go where else...Ty's house!  

So finally we went to Ty's house to have dinner and play.  Kelsey and I were talking about how well the boys play together until Ty dumped sand on Xavier and it got in his eyes and then Ty and Xavier were playing crash with their toys and Xavier bonked Ty on the forehead.  Both boys had a good cry when they got hurt and Xavier said he wanted to go home :-(  He soon got over it and they started playing again pitching the ball to one another while taking turns at bat and even cooking us some good meals in the kitchen!

At least it ended on a good note since Kelsey has offered to watch Xavier whenever Harper decides to make an appearance!!  The events of the day wore Xavier out and he crashed in the car before we made it to HWY 20!  What a fun day....maybe I won't ever go back to work!

Monday, April 20, 2009


It was 75 degrees today!  I have the sunburn on my forearms to prove it!  We took Xavier to school and Steve and I put down 2500 sq. ft. of sod in our yard!  Oh my gosh...what a job!  I have layed sod 2 other times in my life and if you've never done it I actually suggest that you do sometime!  It is pretty fulfilling especially when it is your own yard and you see what you start with and then the final product!  I was helping Steve with the hopes of having some sort of contractions/water breakage, but alas...NOTHING!!  So I will keep playing the waiting game!  I think Harper secretly knows that her mommy doesn't want to be in a hospital when it is nice outside!  If she knows me at all she will wait until it starts to rain!  

Thursday, April 16, 2009

39 WEEKS....

Today I am 39 weeks pregnant.  This pregnancy has flown by!  I went to the doctor yesterday and I am dilated to 2cm and 80% effaced!  I haven't been having any contractions except for the occasional Braxton Hicks contractions.  Tomorrow Xavier and I are going to walk from our house to the downtown street fair for the Tulip Festival so hopefully that will get something going!!


The view from our suite
The FSN girl and myself
The RALLY FRIES...after I had eaten most of them...oh and did I mention they brought me two rally fries...yeah they must have thought I needed them!
My signs & me...the big blue blob!
Xavier sporting his new sweatshirt

Mariners opening day, a sold out game and one damn good sign = RALLY FRIES FOR ME!!
I made my TV debut on Tuesday when I won the rally fries at the Mariners game!  I looked like a big blue blob, but non the less I won!  The fries were great...but I think they should be garlic fries instead of the Ivars fries!  I will just have to buy garlic fries when we go next time.  It was such a great game!  I think the best part was when Griffey got up to bat for the first time and everyone gave him a standing ovation and cheered for like 3 minutes!  He tipped his helmet to the crowd and got a base hit!  It gave me chills!  Oh and did I mention they won!  I think my curse is broken...they usually lose when I go!  I think this year is their year for a championship.  I also had the chance to spend 45 minutes in the Mariner's team store and I think 30 of those 45 minutes were spent standing in line!  I did manage to get Xavier a Mariners sweatshirt, a Griffey t-shirt and Harper a pink Mariners outfit!  My friend Kim bought Harper a pink Mariners beanie!  Now they will be ready when we use our season tickets!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Here's my sign!!  What do you think??

Today is my last day of work until July 20th!!  I have been so busy that I can't even believe the time has come!  So this morning everyone is kicking off our Whidbey Book, so they are all in meetings and then....WE ALL GET TO GO TO THE MARINERS OPENING DAY GAME IN THE YELLOW BOOK SUITE!!   WOOHOO!!!  I am so excited!  I told Harper she had to stay in there until after today so that I could go to the game!  The game is totally sold out and we get to be in our suite!  I even made a sign to hang over our balcony!  Hopefully we will make a TV debut!  Everyone keeps telling me I should go into labor at the game!  Do you think if I gave birth at the game, Harper would get season tickets for the rest of her life?  HHHMMM something to consider!!


Steve had to work Easter this year :-(  Xavier got up Easter morning and saw what the Bunny had brought him!  He was very excited!  The bunny brought all art supplies (no candy)  what a smart bunny!  Xavier had already had enough candy from the night before, but he always does this thing where he will go get something (food) and bring it up to us and with this little smile on his face and he looks at you with his big brown eyes and points his finger and says, " ONE MORE."  Gosh I don't know where he learned that!!  It is funny!  Anyways we then colored some eggs before we went down and visited Steve at the station and then went to his Aunt Laurie and Uncle Dave's house for Easter dinner!  Xavier LOVES Laurie...she plays with him non stop...where does she find the energy!  One of the Neyens' traditions was to always color eggs at their grandparents house.  So this year Anton and Esther (GG & Big Poppa) brought eggs and dye for Xavier and they carried on the tradition with the next generation!  I thought it was so great and I think Big Poppa was excited to get to color eggs again!  Although Xavier did turn some of his eggs brown!!  It was such a fun day and we didn't even make it to I-5 before Xavier had crashed in the car!

Xavier and Ruby checking out what the bunny brought!
"ONE MORE!"  As his cheeks were full of chocolate!
Getting ready to dye the eggs

The fire truck at Dave & Laurie's...Xavier loves it!
Big Poppa explaining to Xavier how this process was going to work!
Dying the eggs with Big Poppa
Laurie teaching Xavier how to put the shrink wrap on the eggs

Sunday, April 12, 2009


This year we decided to host an Easter egg hunt at our house for the kids!  The weather wasn't bad, just a little cold and the kids had a great time!  Each kid had a different color egg they had to find and each of them had a dozen eggs to search for plus a couple sparkly eggs that were good for a prize!  Kelsey, Pat, Ty & Tatum came along with Kirstie, Aaron, Jaylen & Jensen!  My nephew Jordan was also there since we had done Easter brunch with my family in the morning!  It was such a fun day and the kids all had a great time playing together!  We will probably do it again next year and hopefully more people will be able to come!  This was our test run!

Nana being attacked by Ruby and Xavier trying to save her!
Ty finding his first egg!
Tatum enjoying the grass with her egg
Xavier is super excited about the egg he found in his tractor!
He found another one!
Daddy Wapp helping Ty find a few eggs
Xavier ran across the yard and put his basket in the back while yelling, "Wait For Me!"
Taking their girl Jensen for her first cruise!
Time to open the eggs!
The kids checking out what's in their eggs!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The balloons we got for Daddy
Blowing out the candles!

Today is Steve's birthday!  He of course had to work so my abilities to embarrass him were limited!  So I picked up a big fire truck balloon along with some happy birthday balloons and an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and Xavier and I headed down to the station!  When we got there all the guys were working out so there really wasn't anyone around to embarrass him in front of, but no worries...as soon as we started singing happy birthday to him the guys started coming out and it was made know that it was his birthday!  I was assured by his friend Jeff Tucker as I was leaving that he would do his best to make a big deal of Steve's birthday for the rest of the night!  They even have a Union meeting tonight and Jeff promised me the union would sing a nice big happy birthday to him!!  Mission Completed!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


My hot firefighter apron!!  Steve's not too fond of it!
Cool dude getting ready to cruise on the tractor.
Watch out ladies John Deere is here!
Daddy & Xavier watching the game
Mama getting in on some picture action for once!
The Japanese student filling Xavier's tummy with candy!
THE PASSED OUT BLOWOUT! (don't mind the child porn!)
Here I will sleep until Mommy decided to put me in bed!  What a rough day!

All I have to say is it's about dang time we had a nice day!  It really felt hot outside!!  We started the day off by going to church and my very good friend Kirstie made me the most thoughtful gift!  I'm not sure you can tell what's on it in the picture, but it is a hot fireman apron!!  You will have to zoom in!  Her daughter Jaylen thinks Steve is the one in the middle front...it does kind of look like him I must say!!  I LOVE IT!!  I will be sure to wear it when I am home this summer being the good little housewife!  

We also got to go outside and play all day!  First Xavier played on his tractor until the battery died and then we went to the Skagit baseball game.  We brought Xavier's big wheel to play on, but he was enjoying running up and down the bleacher ramp instead!  He even made friends with a Japanese girl who filled him up with Pocky sticks and some other Japanese chocolate!  They were pretty yummy I must say!  We had to leave in the bottom of the 7th inning because Xavier had a blowout!  I think he is trying to remind me what newborn poopy diapers are like because it was just like that!!!  YUCK!

Since we had been playing all day, Xavier didn't want to take a nap....soooo....he fell asleep on the way home from the game and wouldn't wake up for anything...not even when we were changing his diaper!  So there we left him to take a nap!  Actually I ended up moving him to the bed and it is 5:45!  I think I will wake him up in a little while, but he will be so grumpy....maybe I will let him sleep!  Do you think he will sleep all night?