Saturday, January 23, 2010


When Xavier turned 8 months old we took him to his first Waterbabies class at Riverside Health Club!  He LOVED the water and he still does!  So I finally had a Saturday that Steve wasn't working and we didn't have any plans, so I decided to take Harper to her first Waterbabies class!  I was a little worried that she wouldn't like it since she hasn't been liking baths in the big tub lately.  Luckily as soon as we got in the pool she LOVED it too!  I hope both of my kids will grow up to be great swimmers!

Looking cute in her suit!


We got home one night and Xavier had been sleeping in the car, so when we walked in I told him he could go sleep on the couch.  This is how I found him a minute later!  He didn't quit make it on to the couch and fell back asleep like this!

Then he woke up, but didn't make it past the ottoman!

Having fun in the bath...
Not having fun in the bath...
Getting so big :-(

Sporting her cute headband!  It didn't stay on long!


We LOVE pancakes in our house...well Xavier and I do and I'm sure Harper will too!  I found this amazing new contraption!  You just put the pancake batter in and squeeze it out into any shape/letter/anything you want!!  LOVE IT!!  Pancake Pen...genius!  

We made an S for Steve and an H for Harper!  We ate the X and the L!!


Steve once again had to work New Year's Eve, so I kissed two people that night...Xavier & Harper.  Granted, they were both asleep at midnight, but I did stay up to see the Space Needle Fireworks and give my two babes kisses!  On New Year's Day we went to Dave & Laurie's house to celebrate Neyens birthdays from November to December!  It was a fun day of food and games!

Cheese to 2010!
Lindsey & Xavier having a wrestle session!

Harper in her sweater that EEE made for her!  So soft and snuggly

GG's Necklace is a great teething toy
DJ & Lindsey's new puppy...Riley!  SOOO CUTE!!
Lindsey loving on Harper!
Sad Face...
Mad Face...

A Pianist in the making
hhmm what is this I'm about to eat??  APPLE!!!
Here...I will share my apple!!  Want some??


We usually celebrate Christmas with my mom and Tim on Christmas Eve, but since Steve had to work this year we did it the day after Christmas!
Merry Christmas Papa Tim!

opening all his Leapster stuff!
2 Meer Cats, one for each of the kids!  Thanks Auntie Mandy & Uncle Will!

Crashed again!  Christmas is great for naps!

The next day we went to our last Christmas!  We celebrated with Steve's Mom's side of the family.
Cute girls!
Harper's first taste of an orange!
Big girl
Frog Ball
getting ready to start her army crawl!
Finally the end...very tired!


Christmas morning was so much fun!  We started at our house opening presents and Steve got home just in time to see what Santa brought!  We ate a small breakfast, got ready and headed up to Nooksack for the Neyens Christmas!

Santa Came!

Cool...a cars race track!
MY BIG SHERIFF!  The one and only thing he wanted from Santa!

Daddy got home from work!
Stocking time!
Daddy's turn to open presents
Harper loves her music table that Santa brought her!
wearing his new red M & M hat!
helping his sister open her nice!
5 Little Monkeys game from Aunt Linda
CARS Snuggie!
the babes helping mommy open her gift from Daddy
Whew all done opening presents at our house!
Now time for a quick nap before heading off to Grandma & Grandpa's in Nooksack.
Sweet sleeping baby!
First stop...Papa's lap!
new toys!

Auntie playing in the hall with Xavier!
Big Poppa
Checking each other out!
Big Poppa's two great grandkids!
Here Big my remote!
Ooh...nice shave
DJ & Harper
Grandma & Harper
Lovin' on the new football she got!

Xavier showing Papa his new weapons
Xavier helping Big Poppa open his CANDY!!  Of course he would be right there!!

Xavier opening his fishing pole

Papa helping Xavier "fix" the Handy Manny!

finally out...the end of a long day!
snuggling with Papa...