Saturday, December 12, 2009


I LOVE Christmas!  Come to think of it...I don't think there is a holiday that I don't love!  I love the decorating and I love the lights and I love the cold and I love the smell of cookies and I love the hustle and bustle of the shoppers....I LOVE IT ALL!  I also love matching jammies and fancy Christmas outfits and of course Santa!!  There is this website that Steve's sister Megan found called  You put in some information about your child and a video of Santa will be emailed to you and Santa is talking to your child!  It really is amazing and I don't think my description does it justice!  Xavier just stood there in awe!  We watched it about 3 times!  So back to other things.  I decided one night to get the kids dressed in their Christmas outfits and try to take some pictures!  It really wasn't happening, so we decided to take them to see Santa!  That worked out a little better!  Xavier has come a long way since he was one and didn't like Santa at all.  Now he loves to see Santa and Harper hasn't figured it out year the picture will probably be a little different!  Oh and I decided to get the kids matching jammies this year!  I wanted to do a family jammies purchase, but can you really see Steve wearing matching, me neither!  
This is how it all started....
getting closer to a good one...
one looks good and the other...was getting a little annoyed..
Ok..solo with the Santa hat...finally a smile!
I love the shifty eyes!  
Ok...get me outa here!
finally...a cute one of Harper...why are all the cute ones by themselves??

The back of the matching jammies!  The flaps even flip down!

The Christmas outfit and Ruby's butt!
I told him to strike a pose and this is what I got!
Harper was not cooperating!
Xavier was in the middle of a CHEESE...and Harper was, well....
FUSSY!!!  Again...the look from Xavier!
So Cute...
The final product...finally!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Ok Ok....the blog is finally updated!  I think I just posted 5 new posts!  Thank you Tracey for the reminder to update my blog!!!


Xavier absolutely loves football right now.  We will play catch in the house, tackle, make touchdowns, the works!  This year we took him to his first football game!  Steve's high school, Nooksack Valley, was having a great season.  We went to watch them at King's High School and let's just say the pictures prove how COLD it was!  Cold is actually the wrong word to use...FREEZING is more like it!  Nooksack ended up coming from behind and winning so it was on to the Tacoma Dome for the Semi-Finals!  We went down to the Tacoma Dome and since it was indoors we were able to wear some purple and black to support the Pioneers!  They lost, but what an experience to go watch football in the Tacoma Dome, it was really cool!

First game at King's.  Notice I took this picture in the car, because at half time Harper was hungry so we went and sat in the car to get warm and have a little snack!  Xavier has nicknamed Harper "BOO" after this game because he thinks she looked like Boo from Monsters Inc.
Harper and Mommy in our FREEZING gear!
Tacome Dome game!  Much warmer!  Harper in her purple and black...Steve wouldn't wear his purple and black!!
Auntie E, Xavier and Papa
The field...very cool
Xavier in Steve's practice jersey and a random Nooksack hat we found!



Thanksgiving is so much more than just turkey.  This year we spent Thanksgiving with Steve's family.  We had a good time eating lots of food, playing games and just hanging out!  

I am so thankful for so many things, but family is the number one.  I have two amazing families that are so supportive and loving.  I am so thankful that both families show so much love to our children.  They are truly the best!

Jared and Xavier were the first one's in line to get food!
Harper is ready for her first Thanksgiving Day meal!
Grayson and Harper had matching bibs!  At first it was all so innocent...
...and then Harper found his binky!  
She had him on a binky leash!

I love this picture...such attitude in the pose, pouty lips and smeyes...America's Next Top Model Baby Edition here we come!


My baby girl is now 6 months old.  I feel like 6 months is such a milestone for some reason!  Tear.  She is getting so big, well length wise!  Here are some of the things she is doing.

-she has found her voice...she babbles all the time and is LOUD according to her brother!
-she can sit up for a good while before she falls over
-she loves tummy time, her jump-a-roo and her exersaucer
-she waves
-she only takes 30 minute cat naps if she is laying anywhere besides on someone...otherwise she will sleep 2 hours.
-she arches her back like she is going to do a back bend and she thinks it is a fun game!
-she loves to grab things such as any and all of Xavier's toys, especially his football.  Her spoons, remote, pens, straws, basically anything and everything.
-She loves to eat cereal, apples, pears and sweet potatoes.  Well that's all we've given her so far, but I think she will love to eat anything!

-weight:  16lbs 1oz (50%)
-height:  27inches (90%)
-head:  BIG!  She is at the top of the curve for her head!

Her first high heels, courtesy of my friend Kim Newton!!  So stylish!


For Xavier's birthday, my mom and Tim got him tickets to Disney on ice!!  Our seats were FABULOUS!  We were in the front row right on the corner where all the characters came!  They would all smile and wave right at Xavier, it was amazing!  We all had the best time!  Of course my mom forgot her camera and mine died right after the show started!
Thanks Nana & Papa Tim!

Front row seats..right on the ice!
I love this picture...Harper is eyeing Xavier's toy and Xavier is giving me the, " are wearing my hat and it looks silly on you..." look!
The Lion King
Rafiki the monkey!

That's could the mamarazzi forget to charge the camera!!


November was full of birthday parties!


We hosted a spaghetti dinner made by Steve for Auntie Megan's birthday.  There was lots of entertainment including a dance party, football game and slumber party!

Auntie and her favorite girl Harper
Xavier snuck in and blew out the candles before Auntie could.... we tried it again!!
Harper found a new toy that she LOVES...the only problem was, it was her brothers football and he wasn't going to let her have anything to do with it!  Harper was laughing at the fact that Xavier was trying so hard to get his football back.
Slumber party with the Aunties...Xavier was like, "no pictures please!"
Ruby found a snuggle buddy!


Next it was Nana's birthday.  We took her out to dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ in Everett.
Again...Xavier loves to blow out anyone's candles on THEIR birthday!
Helping Nana open her gifts

Nana and Harper...sooo cute!
Harper reaching for Papa Tim's glasses
The "cheese" face...


Ty turned 3 on the 21st and Xavier and I went to his birthday party!  It was so much fun because of course Ty likes CARS too, so the races were on!!
Xavier loves to wrestle with Ty's cousin Kaeden.  I think they were playing tackle football!
Xavier has found a new friend in the last month...Ty's Papa...Mr. Savage!  He is Xavier's new jungle gym!
This is my friend Nicole's daughter Grace...she is sooo funny...just like her mommy!
The boys racing the cars

What a fun month of birthdays!!