Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The first day of our volleyball trip consisted of making our airplane on time and getting our rental cars as fast as we could so we could make it to the Price Is Right.  When we arrived at the college and saw that our charter bus was not there we instantly went into problem solving panic mode!  We got everyone to the airport just in time....and honestly if we had the charter bus, I'm not sure we would have made it!  The kids did great on the plane.  Xavier was sooo excited he just kept asking if we were at Disneyland yet!  Harper had a good flight too.  She only cried once and slept the rest of the time!  We got our cars as fast as we could and we had to be at the CBS studios by 12:30pm.  We had to let the girls out of the van and told them to run down the street because we were caught in some heavy construction and we weren't going to make it on time!  The van that was following us actually didn't make it so some of them weren't able to get on the show:-(  One of our players Jordon Braga did get called to "Come On Down!"  She was the last one to be called so she only had one shot and she didn't get up on stage.  She did however win $1000 in parting gifts!  A pots and pans set and $300 gift certificate to Baskin Robin!!  She will hopefully be taking the team out for ice cream!  The episode will air November 23rd.   Next up...Disneyland!

In line at security.  Xavier is SOOO excited!
Harper's first plane ride...she was so happy.

We couldn't take cameras into the CBS studios, so after the show we went to the famous hot dog place in LA called PINKS!  
The coaches
Lauren, Vop, Zanoni & Rachel
Clarissa, Kelsie, Ariel
Michaela, Jordon, Ren, April

Monday, August 24, 2009


My good friend Kirstie was watching Harper at one of Xavier's soccer practices when she noticed something....Harper was born with an "Angel Kiss" on her forehead like Xavier's, but Harper's resembles something a little different...THE PLAYBOY BUNNY!  Take a close look...I bet you will be able to see it!  So now Harper's new nickname is honey bunny!  I am debating whether or not to send it to Hef!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Yesterday we were invited to the annual / semi-annual pig roast at DJ and Melissa McGhee's house in Marysville.  Let me just set the scene by saying that DJ is a firefighter, well the fire inspector with Steve and Melissa is his cute little wife who also happens to be a loan officer.  Anyways they are a kick!  We had so much fun!  Xavier ran around with a couple other boys his age and was talking to EVERYONE!  He also has a new love...karaoke!  He would just sit there with Keith(the DJ who is also a firefighter) and hold the microphone.  Harper was perfect...didn't make a peep.  Steve was buzzing around with the "brothas"(my slang term for the firefighters....they are in the brotherhood) and I got to chat it up with the wives and a few of the female firefighters who also have small children!  The food was good, the music was good and the company was great!  At the end of the night I found Steve reliving the glory days as he played a little one on one against Jeff Tucker and Keith Taylor!  Pretty entertaining!

The Emorys who we know from Conway were there.  They are related to the McGhees!

Kara & Jeff Tucker
Kate & her daughter Andy
Future DJ??
Future Karaoke Star??

Kara Tucker, me & Harper hanging out by the fire
Kara holding Harper at the end of the night
Xavier LOVES older women! He was flirting with all the girls
The one-on-one game  Neyens vs Taylor  ( Taylor won! )
Neyens shooting the 3
Oh the intensity
They ended the night with a little 3-on-3 against some high school boys who challenged them.  The "old" boys, Tucker, Neyens & Taylor, won!  I think they even won $15!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Lately I haven't been too adventurous with my hair.  I use to be the girl who would always cut and color it constantly....well ok that was 10 years ago, but this week I decided I wanted something new!  I even got some reddish orange highlights!  So what do you think?!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


This week my step sister Amanda and her husband Will and her daughter Cami were here visiting from Hawaii!  Cami grew up here, but since her mom and dad went into the military she lives in Maryland with her dad and she went to visit her mom who is stationed in Hawaii with her hubby Will this summer!  We went out to Sakura in Burlington for dinner Wednesday night and then back to our house for some hot tub time!  It was a nice visit and I am sad to see them leave :-(   Amanda will be deploying to Iraq in May.

Will, Amanda & Cami
Cousins sword fighting
A perfect night for the hot tub!
I don't know if you can see, but Xavier had rivets in his trunks and everytime he would come out of the water, water would spill out....it just looked funny!
Harper loves sitting with her Papa Tim!
They were laughing and smiling at each other!


Whew...I guess I have some catching up to do.  Since I have been back to work things have been a little busy!  Xavier is doing OK in his big boy class, but he still cries almost every time we drop him off!  Harper has been doing excellent being home with Steve or whoever is watching her!  She takes the bottle so easy and is happy all the time!  We also started soccer practice and had our first game this week!  Xavier's team totally won, but we really aren't suppose to keep score!  He did good the first half just chasing the ball and all the other kids, but the second half he became what is known as the "DAISY PICKER!"  Yes, he is the kid who sits in the middle of the field and picks the daisies!  We also went to Jaylen and Jensen's birthday party and Xavier was a little overwhelmed with all the girls and the princess castle bouncy house!  Most of the time he wanted to eat, bounce and pop the party balloons with his sword (aka stick)!  We also took a drive down to Alderwood and Xavier got to do his first Build-A-Bear.  He picked a black dog and dressed him in soccer clothes and we named him goalie!!  

I had to throw this random pic in the mix!  Remember making duck beaks with Pringles?
1st soccer practice!  The kids chasing coach Stevie
Xavier is in the red tank top....he refused to use the black and white soccer balls, he had to use his green one!
In his "Yellow Book" sponsored jersey, ready to play some SOCCER!
In action...
Coach Neyens figuring out the next line up...
Coach Neyens helping Jensen kick the ball into play
Laurie bought him this cape, hat and 2 swords...he is officially one of the 3 muskateers!
Harper is actually liking tummy time now 
"I'm not sure about this lady mom!!"  It's just Ya-Ya, Jaylen & Jensen's grandma no worries!
Ready...set...dive in!
quick, shove it all in my mouth at once so mom won't take it away!

Yes success...finished it in record time!
opening the presents
Big Aaron loves holding Harper