Saturday, February 28, 2009


Beautiful Floors!
Cheese Face

The best entertainment at a dough!
My snuggle boy

I am going to compile three blogs into one, hence the weird title!  It's amazing when things are going on and you actually have things to write about!

So first of all our floors are FINISHED!!!  I am so excited!!  The only thing left to do now is to install the doors and put up the trim!  The floors look so great and I can't wait to start moving furniture around!  Tomorrow I will start working on getting rid of all the dust on every inch of our house!

Secondly, I have been on a huge italian craze this pregnancy, which is odd because at the beginning of the pregnancy I had italian and then I couldn't eat it for awhile....thank goodness that didn't last long!  Today while we were up in Bellingham we met up with Steve's family (the girls) to pick out fabric for Harper's quilt and then we all went to lunch at La fav!  Let me just tell you parents out there, this place is great for kids!  They gave Xavier crayons and paper at first then they brought him his drink in a spill proof cup and gave him pizza dough to play with and then his 8" pizza was only $3.00!  Oh and the pizza dough is wheat!  Fun place, great for kids and did I mention all of their food is AMAZING!  Ok, so that is the story behind the crazy dough and pizza eating pictures.

Last but certainly not least, I couldn't resist putting a couple pictures of Xavier and me on here because one night when Steve was working, Xavier was being so cuddly with me and I had to capture it on film.  One thing Xavier loves to do is give Eskimo kisses and I love receiving them!


Today my mom came up and we went to Along Comes A Baby in Bellingham to register for a few girly things for my shower!  There is a 4D ultrasound studio inside Along Comes A Baby and Steve's cousin, my cousin too I guess, is the ultrasound technician!  As we were wrapping up the registry, Shelly walked in and offered us an ultrasound!  I was so excited and of course I couldn't say no and my mom and Xavier were able to see Harper too!

Harper is still head down and still loves having her hands by her face and in her mouth!  She was moving so much it was hard to get a still picture of her without her hands covering her face!  After seeing these images as much as my mom wanted to tell me she looks like me, she had to confess that she thinks Harper looks like Steve & Xavier.  Well maybe she will have brown eyes :-)

Monday, February 23, 2009


Still wanting to go back to the playground!!  Not too happy!
Throwing a fit because he wanted to go down the slide
Climbing the ladder...he said he was a fire fighter
Climbing on the big tire
Getting ready to go down the of 100 times!
Catching a much nicer toss from Papa
He threw the football so hard it knocked Papa over!!
Eating Big Poppa's Frosting
Eating Uncle Dave's Frosting
Eating Mommy's Frosting

It is a Neyens family tradition to celebrate the family birthdays during or around the month of the actual birthdays.  Well, we haven't celebrated any of the Neyens' birthdays for a very long time due to well, just life!  In February we actually have 7 birthdays so we decided to finally get together and have a party!  We gathered at Grandma and Grandpa's house and had Lasagna, salad, bread and of course the best Dairy Queen ice cream cake!!!  

Although it was not Xavier's birthday month, he wanted to help sing, blow out the "candles" and of course eat the cake!  Well he didn't actually eat the cake....all he wanted was the frosting!  He managed to go around the room and eat anybody's and everybody's frosting off their cake until it was gone then he'd move on to the next!  After cake we needed a little workout so we walked to the park and Xavier went down the slide over and over and over until we had to drag a cranky little boy away from the playground because it was just too cold!

All in all it was a fun day!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Looking very proud of his find!

Since Xavier is 2 years old I have to start preparing myself for the embarrassing moments that life will bring!!  On Sunday when we were just hanging around the house doing odds and ends, Steve's sister Megan was here.  I was trying to get Xavier to take a nap so he was in our bed.  I had been doing laundry and had put the clean clothes on the bed to fold later.  So we were all in the living room and out walks Xavier with a pair of my panties!  He was holding them up to exactly where they are suppose to go saying, "Look Mommies Panties!"  Great!  At least they were clean!!


The Media Room
The Mud Room
The extended dining room

Copying Daddy's hammering technique
Helping Daddy hammer
Snuggling up with Lindsey
Explaining to DJ how to play the game
Having fun with DJ and Lindsey
Helping Mommy with the decorating
Ok, maybe the whole cupcake is the best part!
It's confirmed...the frosting is the best part!
Figuring out that the frosting may be more fun to eat
         Starting to frost the cupcake

I feel like I haven't done a post in so long, but in reality it has been less than a week!  So much has happened in the past week I think because we had a long weekend and Steve and I were both home all weekend!  I love being home and working on our addition and playing with Xavier!  

So let's see...lets begin with the two days before Valentines Day.  Xavier and I made Valentines cupcakes!  He helped crack the eggs(watch for shells) and he mixed the batter!  He also had fun licking the beater when we were done!  Then Xavier helped put the  batter in the cups and finally he helped frost and decorate!  He started frosting his cupcake and then he quickly realized it was way more fun to eat the frosting off the knife!  

On Valentines Day Steve's mom was here helping Steve finish up the painting of the addition that they had started the day before!  Rhona, Megan & Steve were such a big help with the painting since pregnant women aren't suppose to paint!  Who knows how true that myth is!  It's kind of like no eating blue cheese!  Anyways the painting got all finished by Sunday and now we are just waiting on the floors then we can finish up the trim and then it will be finished!!!
DJ and Lindsey also came over for a Valentines day dinner!  We made spaghetti and played games.  Lindsey also gave us the best Valentines Day present ever!  She put Xavier to bed and he actually slept in his own bed all night!  He didn't even wake up until 745 the next morning!  She is amazing...I'm going to pay her to come over every night and put Xavier to bed!!  I just can't stress how much Xavier loves Lindsey and DJ.  He just doesn't stop talking about them for days after they leave!  Oh and everything he sees that is pretty is not just pretty, it's Linley(Lindsey) pretty!

So besides me being pretty sick this weekend it was a great weekend!  I feel like we got a lot done around the house and got to spend quality time with family!  Back to work!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Harper sucking on her hand...the whole hand!
She has her lips sucked in...again hands by her face
Hands by her face...again looking peaceful!

Today we had our 4D ultrasound! Steve was unable to go due to house addition work so I invited my friend Kelsey (we have the same doctor) and my friend Kirstie to go along with me! It was so great that both of them got to go! Our doctor, Dr. Garde, in Anacortes, delivered Kelsey's second baby Tatum, so she got to see Tatum for the first time since she was 6 months!

I was really hoping to see the girl parts staring us in the face just to confirm that it is a girl before I start going crazy on buying girl stuff....and Dr. Garde was is a girl...bring on the pink! Harper was being very cute with her hands up by her face and sucking on her hands. Dr. Garde says she is a mover and I confirmed that! :-) I think she looks like Xavier so I will have to pull out his 4D ultrasound pictures to compare, but the doctor said she has chubby cheeks! She weighs 3.3lbs and she should gain about 5-6 more pounds before delivery!! Very healthy! She is head down right now so hopefully she doesn't get the crazy bug to move around to much and get herself in the wrong position!! I am very happy that all looks good and that she will hopefully be a perfectly healthy baby!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Xavier's new trick!
Here's the proof! Stevie jumping off the couch!

Xavier decided last night to show us a new trick!  Steve and I were sitting in the living room and Xavier climbed up on the couch and said, "I wanna jump!"  So he did!  I started laughing and Steve was telling him NO!  I then had to remind Steve that I didn't think he had the right to tell him no since I have proof that the jumping bean gene came from him!  I have proof, as you can see from the picture, that Steve use to jump off the couch all the time and from what I hear the couch was probably the lowest thing Steve use to jump off of!  So we moved Ruby's pillow beneath the couch so Xavier could land on something soft and we continued to let him jump off the couch!!!  I guess it is true...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!  We are such good parents!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Mama's Valentine
Today started out great.....

Steve was working today so it was just me and my little boy!  We went to buy Xavier some new shoes today because his feet won't stop growing!  He is now wearing a size 9.  I'm not sure if that is big for his age, but I feel like I spend more money on shoes than I do on diapers!  Before Steve left for work he made sure to tell me no "themed" shoes.  Well...we found some Lightning McQueen shoes and for those of you who don't know who Lightning McQueen is well let me tell you...he is the race car headliner in Disney's CARS!!  I think Xavier knows every word to that movie, he is obsessed!  When we got the shoes we had to wear them out of the store and he was looking at himself in the mirror and smiling so big!  He loves his shoes!!!  So sorry babe, we had to get the "themed" shoes!  

So the picture attached is after we got home from our shoe shopping spree and we were making valentines.  This was the last time we would see Xavier in a good mood!!  It was all down hill the rest of the night.  So I would like to take this time to scold all of you bloggers out there who don't report on your blogs when you have a poopy day and nothing you say to your child sinks in and you feel like you just want to go hide under the covers so nobody can find you!  Yes it was one of those days!  Xavier's new thing is to cry for his daddy when daddy is at work.  So the second half of the day if the dog even looked at Xavier wrong he would cry, but not for me, for DADDY!!!!  AAAAHHHH he is 2!

So I challenge you bloggers out there to report not just the cutesy moments that happen with your family, but the challenging ones too!  Be real!  Whew ok had to get that off my chest, now it is time to prepare for bedtime and Depserate House Wives!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Ty on the train
Xavier on the train
Yummy!  Eating Pizza
Giving Tatum some quality one on one time
Best Buddies cheesin' for the camera
Ty pulling Xavier
Ty's turn!

Tonight we got invited over to Pat & Kelsey's house for a little play date and pizza!  It has been awhile since our boys have played together, so Kelsey and I were both wondering how the play date would go!  It actually ended up going great!  Ty and Xavier had a couple of times when they wanted to play with the same toy, but we decided after asking them to please share over and over that we were just going to let them be boys and battle it out!  We had a few funny moments when the were playing tug-o-war with the train bridge!  Both boys kept looking at us like HELLO DO SOMETHING!!  The pizza was great and of course the company was too!  Xavier had a little, ok a big blowout so he had to spend the last part of the night in his diaper!!  Tatum was sweet as ever!  Half the time we didn't even know she was there!  She is sooo good!  Xavier did have a sweet moment with Tatum when it was just her and him and he started talking to her and playing with her a little!  So when it was time to go Xavier was still having so much fun he did not want to leave!  He threw a nice little fit and then we finally got him into the car after much struggle!  Thank you Mama Wapp and Daddy Wapp for having us over!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Weeee almost falling off!

He said he wanted to bounce on his bum bum
CHEEESE...I'm poopin' on the potty!

We had to make a quick trip to Everson on Thursday to pick up Steve's truck that was getting fixed, so of course we had to stay for dinner and play with Grandma and Grandpa!  Xavier told us he had to go poop on the potty so he could get candy so Grandma helped him, but he ended up just giving us a cute smile on the potty instead of a present in the potty!  Then it was on to one of his favorite toys....the BIG BALL!!  He loves to roll and bounce on it and he almost fell off!!  It was a fun quick trip and Xavier can't wait to go back and play again!