Monday, January 19, 2009


It has been two weeks since we started our addition project and it seems to moving along very fast!  When we started two weeks ago it was pouring down rain and I was thinking to myself maybe we should have waited!!  The weather proved me wrong this weekend as it has been sunny all weekend and now it is suppose to be sunny all week!  Since it was so nice out and a holiday for me and Steve was home, we took Xavier outside and he finally got to play with his gator!  We also played on his swing set and I got to take some pictures of the addition!  Back to work tomorrow. :-(


Family picture!
Xavier with Grandma & Grandpa
Xavier & E-E-E
Xavier and E-E
Dancin' in the middle of the boys
Gettin' down with Jared
Shakin' it with mama!
Dancing with Lindsey during the money dance!
Dancing with the wedding party
Xavier loves Lindsey!
Telling Lindsey she is pretty
I loved doing cheers with my sparkling cider!
Blowing bubbles with Papa
Getting my first look at the flower girl!!
DJ & Xavier
Me & Mom
Hanging with the boys

Saturday was DJ and Lindsey's wedding and it couldn't have been any more perfect!  We had such a great day and Xavier loved wearing his tux!  I thought he wasn't going to put in on in the morning, since he started throwing a fit about it, but then I reminded him of all of the people we were going to go see and told him he had to put his tux on to see he did!

All morning Xavier kept saying, "Lindsey pretty!"  It was so cute!  He loves DJ and Lindsey!  So when we got to the wedding for pictures all of the groomsmen kept telling him how cool he looked, which helped!  He did great at pictures, except there will probably be some with goofy looks on his face since Jared was giving him jelly beans to keep him happy and he was trying to get them out of his teeth half the time!  

Xavier actually made it down the isle and stood there for  awhile with Jared (while being bribed with candy) then he sat down with Laurie!  He loved blowing bubbles with Papa at the table, doing cheers with his sparkling cider during the toasts and then when the dancing started he was on the floor the whole time, but not so much dancing as just running around and around!  He didn't take a nap all day and finally crashed at 9:30!  I don't know where that boy gets all of his energy!!

It was a perfect day and I am so happy for DJ and Lindsey!  They are perfect for each other!!  Congratulations and thank you for having Xavier in your wedding!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Xavier is going to be in his second wedding this weekend!  The only difference is in the first he was on a beach in Hawaii and got to wear shorts and a shirt.....this Saturday he is wearing a TUX!!  When we went for the fitting of the tux he kept saying, "I want this OSS!"  He says "S" for "F"  So needless to say I was a little concerned about how it was going to go when he really had to wear the tux.  We were able to pick the tux up today and I was dreading trying it on him in the store.  Sure enough he had a fit in the store and was crying so hard about putting on the tux that he was hyperventilating!   Steve and I had devised a plan of attack for getting him to like the tux.  Once we got it, we were going to have him wear it around the house and we were going to build up his self image by telling him how cool he looked!  Did our plan work???  OF COURSE IT DID!!  We had him put on his tux (with a little help from our good friend CANDY) and he was walking around the house while we were telling him that he was cool man!!  He didn't even want to take it off!  So...lets just hope Saturday goes as man!