Thursday, November 20, 2008


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Volleyball Dinner Slideshow

Well the Skagit Valley College vball team made it to NWAACCS!!  We are so excited!  Since we made it Steve cooked them a spaghetti dinner at our house and they all came over to enjoy it!  Kelsey brought her fam and one of our players Ariel brought her son Eric!  The kids had a great time and the girls ate everything we made!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween is the best "holiday" ever!  I love to have any excuse to dress up so of course I love Halloween and I think this may be the first proof that Xavier is my child because he likes to dress up too!  Xavier had 4 costumes to choose from, but he would only wear one, so he ended up being a fire fighter in a fire truck!  I was lacking in the creative department this year, so I ended up being a desperate housewife....but not like the ones you see on the current TV show.  More like a June Cleaver! Steve had to work on Halloween so we went to my mom's house and went trick or treating at the Everett Mall!  It was packed, but it was so fun to see all of the little kids dressed up and it was warm!  Xavier had a blast and got lots of candy, but he was scared of the scary masks.  This is probably the last year that he won't notice that mommy eats a bunch of his candy out of his bag!  After my mom's house we stopped by the fire station and of course Xavier loved playing on the Wah-Wah (that is his word for fire truck!)  The guys at the station loved his costume!  It was a great Halloween and now it's time to start planning for next years costumes!!

Xavier Turns 2

My little boy is no longer my little baby...he is now a big boy!  Xavier turned 2 on October 29th and we celebrated with a very small birthday party which included a bouncy house!  Oh my all parents out there...if you want hours of entertainment then rent a bouncy house for a weekend!!  Xavier still hasn't stopped talking about it!  It was fun to see the kids playing together and of course Xavier got lots of great gifts and crashed around 7!!!  We go to his 2 year doctor appointment on Monday and I am excited to see how much he has grown since the last time we were there!  He is wearing 3T clothes and size 8 shoes!  I think he is big now, but you know how they say you can measure them when they are 2 and then double it and that is how big they will be.  Well if we do that right now Xavier will be around 6'0 which I thought he'd at least be taller than his dad!  We will just have to wait and see!

Brother or Sister

Well it's official!  Xavier will have either a brother or sister come April! When you ask him which one he would prefer, he replies with a definite "NO!"  So I should be getting an ultrasound at 21 weeks to find out if it will be a brother or sister for Xavier! The ultrasound will be around the beginning of December, unless I get lucky and get one earlier!!!  We told both our families with this shirt that we had made for Xavier!  The fams are excited and so are we!