Saturday, December 12, 2009


I LOVE Christmas!  Come to think of it...I don't think there is a holiday that I don't love!  I love the decorating and I love the lights and I love the cold and I love the smell of cookies and I love the hustle and bustle of the shoppers....I LOVE IT ALL!  I also love matching jammies and fancy Christmas outfits and of course Santa!!  There is this website that Steve's sister Megan found called  You put in some information about your child and a video of Santa will be emailed to you and Santa is talking to your child!  It really is amazing and I don't think my description does it justice!  Xavier just stood there in awe!  We watched it about 3 times!  So back to other things.  I decided one night to get the kids dressed in their Christmas outfits and try to take some pictures!  It really wasn't happening, so we decided to take them to see Santa!  That worked out a little better!  Xavier has come a long way since he was one and didn't like Santa at all.  Now he loves to see Santa and Harper hasn't figured it out year the picture will probably be a little different!  Oh and I decided to get the kids matching jammies this year!  I wanted to do a family jammies purchase, but can you really see Steve wearing matching, me neither!  
This is how it all started....
getting closer to a good one...
one looks good and the other...was getting a little annoyed..
Ok..solo with the Santa hat...finally a smile!
I love the shifty eyes!  
Ok...get me outa here!
finally...a cute one of Harper...why are all the cute ones by themselves??

The back of the matching jammies!  The flaps even flip down!

The Christmas outfit and Ruby's butt!
I told him to strike a pose and this is what I got!
Harper was not cooperating!
Xavier was in the middle of a CHEESE...and Harper was, well....
FUSSY!!!  Again...the look from Xavier!
So Cute...
The final product...finally!