Monday, March 30, 2009


When we decided not to paint this room...I had the idea for pink and zebra as the accents since the green was so strong in the room....most people thought I was crazy...but I think it is going to turn out cute!  So these pictures were my first vision.
Diaper stacker to match the quilt made by Rhona(grandma Neyens)
Crochet pink blanket and booties made by Esther(GG-Great Grandma Neyens)
Zebra and pink silky blanket made by Megan(EE).  There is even a little one for Harper's baby dolls!  In the corner are two hand made burp clothes.
Sweater and hats made by Erin(EEE)
Harper's quilt made by Rhona(grandma Neyens) Megan(EE Neyens) & Erin(EEE Neyens) they did it in one day!  Xavier says EE for Auntie and EEE for Auntie that is why Megan and Erin are referred to as EE and EEE!
Curtains made by Rhona(grandma Neyens) to match the quilt

On Sunday my mom threw me a baby shower for Harper at Ristretto!  It was so much fun!  My mom is such a great party planner.  She always has great gifts for prizes to the fun games.  Did I mention it was at Ristretto!!!  My friend Andrea owns Ristretto so you can rent it out and she closes it down just for you!  It was perfect.  I almost considered not having a baby shower because I wasn't sure what the rules were for second babies and showers, but since this time around it was a girl and I didn't have any pink I decided it was ok!

I'm not putting any pictures of me up from the shower because I think I'm fat, but I am posting pictures of the homemade gifts the Neyens family gave me!  My in-laws can make anything and we keep telling them to open their own online baby store!!  Their gifts were amazing!  

I got so many great gifts!  My baby girl has enough clothes until she starts kindergarten!!  
There are so many new great baby things out now and it has only been 2 years since Xavier was born.  

Thank you everyone who came!!  You made the shower so much fun!

PS...when the nursery is finished I will post pictures!  It is still a work in progress, but you can probably tell the colors and patterns I am going for!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Ok, there has been a common question that has come up recently from a lot of my clients....I usually hear it everyday.  Well, first they ask when am I due, then they ask if I know what I'm having and then here's the questions of all questions...."have you had the belly pictures done?"  Now if you know me at all, you know that I love to take pictures, but if you know me at all you know that I DISLIKE (hate was too strong of a word) the pregnant mushy here's my pregnant fat belly lets get naked and make my hand into a heart and have my husband and child hold my belly pictures!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  Why would someone spend $300 on pictures of your belly when you are 40lbs heavier and your belly button is sticking out like the turkey is done and you can see every vein that could possible exist in your body?  I get how it is so great to have your child look back one day at your belly so you can be like, "oh honey that's when you were in mommy's tummy, " but really the closest thing to belly pictures you will get from me is the one below!  

Ok there is one more thing.....those belly casts!  HOW STUPID!  The last thing I want to pull out at a party is a big bowl of plaster and tell everyone that this is how fat I use to be!  My husband doesn't even like to look at my prego belly and can you blame him?  Why would I want to spend money on a big vat of plaster only to remind myself and my hubby what 40 extra pounds, heart burn and bitchiness looked like?  Really...the only use for that belly cast, besides a punch bowl, would be to put it on Harper when she is older as a form of birth control!

Ok whew, nothing like venting at 6:00 on a Friday morning!!  Now I know I have offended a few readers, but if you like the belly pictures that is great!  This is only my personal opinion and since it is my blog I get to write about it!  

Have a great Friday!

This was last weekend.  35 Weeks and 2 days!  The countdown is on!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This past weekend was a girls weekend for my mom and me!  For my 30th birthday my mom bought me tickets to go see the Broadway musical Wicked!  I have always wanted to see that show, but it wasn't coming to Seattle, it was only going to be in Portland.  So ROAD TRIP!!  We left Saturday morning and drove to Portland to stay the weekend!  We stayed in the middle of downtown at the Westin and went shopping at the mall that was right behind our perfect is that!  
The NCAA tourney was also in Portland and a lot of the NCAA officials were staying at our hotel.  One of them even gave us a program so I could give it to Steve since the Huskies and Gonzaga were playing there!  
On Sunday we went to our matinee of Wicked!  It was sooo good!  For those of you who don't know what it is about, it is about the Wicked Witch of West and Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard Of Oz when they were in college and were friends!  It was so interesting to see how the story tied into the Wizard Of Oz!!  I think now I will read the books!
On our way home I was having bad contractions.  I think it was from all of the sitting and even today they are still there, but my doctor is going on vacation so Harper can't come early...she just needs to cook for 30 more days!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Attempting to dribble

Shootin' the hoop!

I confess...I am addicted to college basketball!  I love filling out brackets, watching all the games and of course highlighting my winners!  I HATE watching professional basketball these days.  There is so much more heart from the college players.  

So in honor of the tournament, Steve brought Xavier's basketball hoop inside and they have been shooting hoops!  Steve has been teaching Xavier how to shoot since he currently throws the ball at the hoop like a baseball and he even taught him to dribble.  Xavier gets down really low to the ground and tries to dribble, but hasn't quit got it yet!!  Oh and by the way Xavier University is in the tournament, but I didn't pick them going all the way...I am not an emotional bracket filler outer!  

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have chosen to forgo the pictures for this post!  I just have to share my potty training story from this morning!!  We have been half way trying to potty train Xavier.  We do it when it is convenient for us...not the best way, but whatever he's 2!  Ok, so my friend Mitz' son Steele is potty trained so she has been giving me her secrets.  One of her secrets is to let them run around naked and then when they need to go potty they go in the potty to avoid the embarrassment of peeing or pooping on the ground!  So we tried it this morning and he went pee in the potty then after about 15 minutes of running around I was getting ready in the bedroom and he went into the  bathroom and came out and said, "I DID IT!"  I was like oh great....what did you do???  Then he took me into the bathroom and showed me his POOP in the potty!  Yay I was so proud of him!!  So we left it in there to show daddy when he got home from the store and daddy was proud too!!  So I hope this wasn't too much information for you....if it was I don't care, get over it and embrace the fact that my son pooped in the potty!!!  

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


You probably can't tell it's green milkshake, but it was!!
Yes, I like ketchup with my corned beef & potatoes!  Don't judge!
Xavier in his green...I still pinched his cute little buns!

I love St. Patrick's Day!  I think my best memory of SPD was in first grade I remember going into the class room and our teacher had put green foot prints on the wall and gold coins on everyones desk!  I really thought there was a leprechaun!!  Maybe there are leprechauns!!  I've just never seen one!  I also like corned beef and cabbage oh and not to mention beer.  Gosh I wish I could have a nice dark beer for SPD!!!  I guess I have to settle for just the corned beef and cabbage!  I had a meeting this morning with my client Andal's Meats, so I bought corned beef and Steve cooked it in the crock pot with cabbage!  I made red potatoes when I got home and then Xavier and I had Green milkshakes!!  SPD has also been dubbed as a lucky holiday.  I feel as though I am a pretty lucky person and I have found one four leaf clover in my life...maybe that's why I like the holiday....hhmm....nope....I still think it's all about the beer and food!  

Sunday, March 15, 2009


2 Night Stands

Ok people, I need the power of word of mouth to kick in this next month!  Since baby Harper is coming in a month we have finally cleaned out the guest room and we are starting to get her room organized.  That means the guest room bed set is for sale!!  Pass the word to anyone who is looking for a queen size bed, 2 night stands, queen mattress & box springs.  Here is the listing.

This queen size bed is a light wood slay bed with 2 matching night stands.  The set is only 5 years old, but was only used for 3.5 years then it was moved to the guest bedroom where it was used maybe once every 2 months!  All parts are with the bed and it is easy to re-assemble.  Pick up or delivery is an option for the buyer, but delivery only to a buyer who is close.  The bed & night stands by themselves(no mattress & box springs) is $100.  The mattress & box springs are also available at $100, so $200 for the whole package.  Please don't hesitate to make a reasonable offer!  This must go within the next month!!  For more information or to make an offer email me at!


The new dining room!  It just needs a rug and some art on the walls!
My birthday gift!!  Isn't it beautiful!

Ok, I'm sure you are all sick of my posts about the addition, but I am so excited to say that it is done....all of it is done on the inside!  Everything is painted, installed and now we just have to move washers & dryers and find some money to buy some furniture for the media room!!  So I have attached a couple pictures of the dining room because at this point it is my favorite!  Please pay special attention to our china buffet because it was my bday gift to myself and I LOVE it!!
Ok, no more posts on the addition, well at least not until the deck and paint on the outside is all done then I will send one final one!!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Ok, so a little snow dusting on the weekend is pretty, but a full blown snow storm on a Monday is a little over the top!  I have had enough of this white crap!  I had to be in Bellingham this morning at 8am for a meeting, lets just say I didn't quite make it on time!  There were 8 cars in the ditch on the way and then it just kept coming down.  I ended up leaving Bellingham at 11:00 and didn't get to Mount Vernon until 12:20!  I was stopped on I-5 for at least 30 was crazy!  I honestly don't want to see snow for at least another year!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Graham decided he wanted the unders as a hat!
Posing with their new hats on!
Trying the unders on as a hat
Xavier pushing Chase on the train
The boys hanging out!

Today we ran a bunch of errands in Lynnwood mainly looking for furniture for our new addition! is pretty much done!  Later in the day we had to run into Burlington after we got done watching the Huskies beat the Cougars...oh and it was snowing, kind of blizzard like, but anyways then when we got home Steve got a call from Lance Campbell.  The Campbells had been eating at Red Robin and wanted to know if they could stop by!  Lance has been wanting to see the new addition!  So Lance, Jamie, Chase & Graham all came by!  Xavier had so much fun playing with Chase.  They are 6 months apart and played very well together!!!  We had just bought Xavier some big boy underwear at Target(Cars of course) and when they got here I had just put him in them!  So Xavier ran around with his big boy unders on and even decided to wear them as a hat at one time during the night!  It was so nice visiting with Jamie and Lance, I feel like we have a lot in common!  It's nice to have made another friend who has kids the same age!