Thursday, October 29, 2009


3 Years ago today I was in labor with my first baby Xavier!  I LOVE having a boy and a 3 year old boy is so much fun!  Here is what Xavier is into as a 3 year old.
-CARS (the Disney movie)
-Mr. Incredible(his Halloween costume)
-movies(any and all)
-wrestling with Daddy
-snuggling with Mommy
-ignoring his sister
-Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets with ketchup
-He doesn't like ice cream
-His favorite sayings are, "are you happy?" & "it's just a little accident!"
-He loves to dance(especially to the song Boom Boom Boom by Blackeyed Peas)
-fixing broken tires
oh and so much more!!

He weighs 36lbs and is 40.5 inches tall

Unfortunately on his birthday he has the flu :-(  When I kept telling him that it was his birthday he would tell me NO and remind me that he just had his birthday(referring to his party last weekend!)

We love Xavier so much and couldn't imagine life without him!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today we had Xavier's 3rd birthday party!  This was a big event in the making!  Ever since we got back from Disneyland, he knew he wanted a Lightning McQueen party.  Thank goodness Party City has a ton of Cars party stuff!  I decided this year I was going to try to make a special cake for Xavier since I am addicted to the Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss shows!  So I bought the Lightning McQueen cake set!  Xavier and I had made the cake and cupcakes the night before so on Sunday morning we got up early to start decorating!  We decorated the whole house with Cars stuff!  We brought out all of his pillows and blankets that are Cars and then we put up all of the additional decor we had bought!  I then began to decorate the Lightning McQueen cake!  It only took me 2 HOURS!!  Xavier was right by me the entire time talking to me about what I was doing!  I think for my first cake it turned out pretty good and Xavier loved it so that's all that matters!  The party was fun and Xavier got a ton of gifts!  With no nap the entire day, he had a little bit of birthday let down and he is now in our bed watching Leap Frog Word Factory...but I doubt he is watching it...he is probably fast asleep!  

After 2 Hours it's almost done!

The finished product!


Another one of her new tricks...sitting up for short periods of time!

more guests
Having fun at the party!
Nana & Harper
Mommy & Daughter in our puffy vests!
Auntie Megan, GG & Harper
showing his friends his presents
A tractor from Papa
Black & Decker tools from Auntie Erin (EEE)
He was pretty good at opening the cards before the presents
He would try to read me the card while I was reading it to him!
Grandma Mary got Harper a pink pig, so Xavier went to give it to her!
A Moose from Grandma Mary

The set up
The cake again...I didn't want to cut into it....

Xavier & Quinn
Ty, Xavier & Quinn lining up the cars for a race


I have suspected that Harper was getting teeth since she has been chewing on EVERYTHING!  Last weekend Steve's sister Erin checked on Saturday October 17th and she didn't have a tooth.  Then on Sunday October 18th, Steve's mom checked and there it was!!  It's a sharp little bugger too...I should KNOW...anyways then on October 23rd I checked again and there was the second tooth!  They are both on the bottom, if you are looking at her the left one came in first and then the right one!  She doesn't drool much like Xavier did, but she loves her chew toys!  On October 18th I also decided to try some ice cereal with Harper!  Actually Steve had given her some earlier in the week and I was bummed because I wanted to give it to her first and take pictures!  She loves holding onto the spoon, so I let her experiment with doing it herself!  She made a fabulous mess and I got some cute pics!  She is also doing a little wave when people wave at her.  I really don't think she knows what she is doing, but it's fun to pretend!  We also borrowed Kelsey's/Ty and Tatum's jumparoo since ours was turned into a rat nest!  Harper LOVES it...she is squealing in it right now as I type!  I use to think Xavier was going to jump right out of his jumparoo and Harper is the same way!!

Can you see my teeth?
Yum cereal!

What a MESS!!


We got a quick invite to meet The Swapp's at Schuh Farms!  Steve was working so I packed up the kids really quick like, got in the car and drove the 5 minutes down the road!  The boys had such a good time!  They rode in the train, played with the balloons, pet the animals and looked at the pumpkins.  It was a beautiful cold sunny fall day!  We never buy pumpkins at the pumpkin patch because we grow our own, but we will have to start making it a tradition to go every year!  

The Neyens Family pumpkin patch
Schuh Farms with the Swapp's
Tatum in the train...she rode it like 4 times!
Me and Miss Harper
Whenever Xavier sees an X he says, "that's my name!"
Of course they found a tractor!
Petting the donkey
The balloon house
Ty and X on the train
Xavier kept calling these skeletons pirates!