Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Harper did it and I knew she would as soon as I went to work!  She rolled over from her back to her tummy today  and I missed the whole thing!  I have been waiting for her to do it for the last 4 days!  I left for work at 9:15am and during my first appointment I get a text from Steve at 9:45 telling me she rolled!  So being the nice husband that he is, he took a picture with his phone and emailed it to me.  Thanks Steve!  At least he got to see it!  Oh but when I got home and put her on the floor expecting her to start rolling around she didn't move!  Steve said she had rolled at least 8 times today because she would get to her tummy and start crying!  She hates tummy time.  I'm sure she will show me her tricks when she is good and ready!

The after shot of the roll!  

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Well today is officially my last day of maternity leave :-(
I am very SAD.  I would love nothing more than to be able to stay home with my babes.  I love being home in the summer with so much fun stuff to do!  I am afraid I am going to miss so much with Harper and Xavier.  Harper is almost rolling over from her back to her tummy and she has started sucking her thumb.  Xavier is starting pre-school tomorrow because he is pretty much potty trained...well on going number 1!!  Tomorrow will be a hard day I think for everyone.  Steve will get home from work just in time for me to hand him the kids and get out the door for a full day of work.  Then he has to take Xavier to his first day in the "big boy class."  Then tomorrow night Xavier has his first night of soccer practice and Steve is one of his coaches!  There will be many emotions tomorrow both good and bad.

Fun days at the parade
cute "cheese" smile

Little feet, but really not so little...she has LONG toes
wanting so badly to roll over!
cute new hat from Nana
Sucking her thumb and putting herself to sleep!


Last weekend we went camping at Lake Chelan...actually BeeBe Bridge!  Steve's Aunt Laurie and Uncle Dave go many times throughout the summer and they invited us to come too!  It was so hot and so much fun!  Our friends Amanda, Ricky, Steele and Camden Rico also joined us!  The kids got to play together and the adults played a little too!  I am totally hooked on getting a camper now!  Sleeping in a tent when it is 100 degrees out is not very fun!  The air conditioning in Dave & Laurie's trailer saved us more than once!  Laurie played with Xavier & Steele FOREVER!  She was such a big help!  BeeBe Bridge has so much to do!  There is a swim area, boat launch, tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, huge grass field and the camp area has all paved roads perfect for riding bikes and FREE HOT SHOWERS!  Can't beat it really!  We can't wait to go back next year...hopefully with a trailer!

The trip over...potty break!
Laurie playing with the boys on the playground!
Laurie playing on the playground!  She loves this picture!

Steve and his girl Harper
Camden & Harper - born on the same day!
Smiling babies!
Harper conked out on Laurie 
Xavier's nap time...in the trailer with the dvd player!  About two minutes after I took this pic, Xavier rolled off the bed and woke up!
Our set up!  Swing included!
Xavier found a new toy!  Playing cards!  Watch out Vegas!
Time for some sword fights!  The boys put on their capes....
...and started sword fighting!
...and more sword fighting!
while camping this is what Xavier wanted  to do!
the things we find in the trailer!
oops...Xavier had an accident!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


This weekend was so jam packed I don't even know where to begin!  

Saturday was the Everson Festival Parade.  Everson is Steve's home town and his family still lives there.  It is a small farm town with no stop lights!  I think it is the cutest town ever and we might live there if it wasn't so far from our jobs!  Anyways, we like to go to the festival every year, especially the parade and my favorite the street fair!!  This years parade was pretty long and Xavier got what else...tons of CANDY aka potty candy!  We had a great time and it was nice and HOT!  After the parade we went back to the parents house and had some good BBQ and then we played with Steve's sister Megan's new camera!  I am so in love!!  She got a Canon Rebel and I LOVE it!  Maybe when I win the lotto I can buy one too!  It takes beautiful pictures so of course we had to have photo time with the kids.  

Steve got home on Sunday after working a 48 hour shift and we had tickets to the Firefighter Appreciation day at the Mariner's game!  One of his "Brothas, " Keith Taylor, sang the National Anthem and God Bless America!  Of course the Mariners won so it made it even that much better!

Now we are home enjoying a nice rainy Sunday evening getting ready for the week!  We will be leaving to go camping in Chelan on Thursday!  Of course there will be plenty of pictures to come!

These are the only pictures I could put on this because it won't let me download anymore...what is up with my stinky internet!!
Ruby and Hagler...Hagler is SOOO much better behaved than Ruby!!
Went to the park with Grandma
Xavier gave me these flowers...but if you look closely at his pants, he also had another surprise for me!!
All Xavier wanted to do all weekend was sword fight...with Grandma...
with Papa.....
with EEE.....
He also tried with Big Poppa!!!

Harper loves to be held up in the air!  She is so happy lately!
Harper's goofy smile at the Mariners game in her Mariners gear!  Her eyes aren't really different sizes!! Ha!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Today we decided to be adventurous!  Yes, we took Xavier and Harper to see their first movie in the movie theater...ICE AGE 3!  Xavier has been watching the other 2 Ice Age movies and loves them, so this was a perfect movie to go to...or was it?!  We got Xavier the kids pack (popcorn, candy & a juice) as promised and we kept telling him that during the movie he needed to be quiet and he agreed!  When we sat down and the previews started, so did the talking as loud as he could, because he needed to be heard over the movie!  Harper also started crying because it was a little loud and she couldn't get comfy.  Then there was this sort of commercial that came on with a baby screaming and kids talking and cell phones ringing and then the tag line came up on the screen, "DON'T BE YOUR OWN SOUNDTRACK, BE SILENT DURING THE MOVIE!"  Oh my gosh...they put that up there only because I was in the audience!!  I felt at that moment like everyone was looking at me and thinking..."YEAH THAT MEANS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY LADY!"  So the movie starts and Xavier is doing his own play by play throughout the whole thing, he dropped his popcorn and we thought he was going to have a melt down and then he had to go potty, but when they got there he never actually went!  Harper slept through most of the movie, I nodded off a couple times and Steve was playing on his iphone!  The most important thing was that Xavier had a good time, but I don't think we will be going back until Cars 2 comes out in 2011!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th of July

If anyone knows me, they know I am not a huge fan of fireworks.  I enjoy watching them, but I do not enjoy buying them or lighting them.  Growing up I never did fireworks except for sparklers and even then I remember getting a spark from the sparkler on one of my favorite fleece jackets and it burnt a little hole in it...so really not too fond of those either!  Besides didn't fireworks originate in China and aren't we celebrating the birth of America??

Our 4th of July really started on the 3rd.  Every year on Big Lake, Steve's co-worker/"brotha"/firefighter friend, Dean has a party at his house.  Dean and his family live in an amazing house right across from Big Lake so we are able to see the fireworks display that they put on every year on the 3rd!  

Steve had to work again this year on the 4th, which always makes me nervous!  Since he works in Marysville and they have the Tulalip Indian Reservation, which is home to Boom City.  Boom City is known for their fireworks booths and it gets a little crazy!  It always makes me worry when the 4th comes around because I know there will be at least a couple fire that he will have to go to.  Sure enough this afternoon there was a large house fire in Marysville and the ladder truck, that Steve is now on, even made the news!  

We were pretty busy this 4th of July!  First I gathered up the kids and headed down to Dave and Laurie's house for a BBQ!  We had a ton of fun with the family and Xavier got to ride his bike, since they have pavement!  Next we headed home and my mom, Tim and Jordan came over to join us at our church's 4th Festival!  We are starting to have Saturday night service, so we went to that first and then there was a free BBQ and 5 huge bouncy houses for the kids to play on!  Xavier and Jordan had SOO much fun!  After that we came back to our house.  Now this is I believe the first year we have actually been at our house on the 4th, so I kind of thought we might get a good view of the big fireworks show they put on at Edgewater Park and guess what...WE DO!!  We put chairs in our lawn and had the greatest view of the fireworks!  Good thing because there was no way I was going to brave that traffic and the crowds!  It turned out to be a great night....except for the mosquitos!

Lindsey teasing Xavier that she was going to ride his bike!
This is the cute dress that Harper's Auntie Megan made for her!
Harper had a tummy ache all day or maybe she was just hot and fussy!
Xavier LOVES to wrestle anyone who will take him on!  DJ was his first challenge of the day!
Me and my All-American Cutie Pie!
Yummy cupcake!
Harper looked cute in her 4th outfit!  I didn't think it would fit because it was a 3-6 mo, but it did!  Nothing like falling asleep with Nana.
These are our going outside to watch fireworks, but we have to be covered head to toe so the mosquitos don't get us outfits!
These are our we're scared of the mosquitos faces!
This is what happens when you leave the anti-itch mosquito cream with a 2 year old covered in mosquito bites!