Monday, September 28, 2009


I have a lot of blogging to catch up on, but I just had to post these pictures really quick!  We got Xavier's Halloween costume yesterday and he LOVES it!!  He put it on last night and instantly turned into Mr. Incredible!  He was posing and running around acting like a super hero!  He wouldn't stop staring at his reflection in the windows either!  I was laughing so hard and we kept talking to him like he was Mr. Incredible!  This morning the first thing he wanted to do was put on his Mr. Incredible "soup!"  He can't say "suit" too well so it comes out soup!  I think he will wear it everyday until Halloween!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


We had such a good time in Disneyland!  Here's the proof!  A little out of order...we actually did Huntington Beach last...but oh well!

Welcome SVC volleyball!!
Huntington Beach...playing in the sand with Ty
playing with Tatum

running in and out of the water
Learning to surf!
Ok..ears on and adjusting....
Ears adjusted...Xavier saying cheese and Harper laughing at Xavier
Ok they're say cheese...this was the best I could do!
First morning of Disneyland!  Eating at IHOP...Marv(Kirstie's dad) loved holding Harper!
Mommy and Harper...Harper ready to go in her first Disney outfit
Minnie Mouse!

Donald Duck

Walking down Main Street with Papa Tim
This was the cutest thing ever!  Jensen and Xavier holding hands while walking to our first ride in Disneyland!
Waiting in line at Finding Nemo

Driving the cars with Daddy
Infront of It's A Small World
On the Small World boat
Toon Town here we come!
The firetruck
Too cute!
Mommy and Harper infront of the Roger Rabbit fountain
Dipping the toes in the water
Xavier's first roller coaster
The old Disneyland fire station

Xavier asked Ty to put his shoe on for him...kind of like Cinderella!  
The sword in the stone!  He couldn't get it
he asked Nana to help him...and she couldn't get it
he asked Daddy to get it out...and he couldn't so then 
Harper and Jordon
waiting for the Electrical Parade to start with grapes in his cheeks!
Steve looks thrilled!

The Electrical Parade!  A classic must see...and the same old music
Alice in Wonderland's white rabbit came up to Xavier to tell him he was late for a very important date!
Peter Pan and Captain Hook on the pirate ship!

In the "race" cars!  Xavier was a crazy driver
The castle!
My boy's dream come true...Lightning McQueen!
and Tow Mater
Jensen, Jaylen & Xavier ready for the 3-D ride!
Team dinner with the hubby at Bubba Gumps
The Team
While the "big boys" went on the big roller coaster we braved Ariel's Carousel by ourselves with all 4 kids!!

At the boardwalk we played horse races with the boys...we lost
Then the big boys decided to show the little boys their baseball skills...or lack there of...neither of them could put the ball in the catchers glove!
Then of course they had to shoot the water guns...they didn't win at that either!
Daddy and Harper, waiting for the parade to start
The Pixar Play Parade!  I couldn't wait for Xavier to see this parade...we watched the making of it online before we went to California!
Seeing the real Lightning McQueen start off the parade was his dream come true!
Mater ended the parade
Xavier, Jasmine & Aladdin
It looks like he doesn't like Minnie here...but really he did!
Dancing with Chip and Dale
Nana and Harper
I LOVE this outfit!

Bug bumper cars
Ty and Xavier sportin' the ears
Rockin' the Mickey Ears!
Goofy's Kitchen
The end of Disney....2 tired kiddos and tons of fun memories!