Sunday, March 14, 2010


Last weekend I went to my friend Jenny's cookie class to learn how to make and decorate beautiful cookies!  Jenny has her own business, Jenny Cookies, and needless to say they are the best!  So we ventured down to Lake Stevens and now I am addicted to making cookies, cupcakes, whatever I can bake!  I even went to Michael's and bought a bunch of cookie/cake decorating stuff!  

On Friday night we had the Swapp's over for dinner and a little Husky basketball, but it ended up that we tried to distract the kids so that Kelsey and I could make cookies and practice our decorating skills!!  Xavier LOVES playing with Ty...he says he is his best friend!  

On Saturday Steve had to work so I decided to try my hand at mini cupcakes!  I made white cupcakes and did a lemon frosting...yummy!  I am now addicted to making mini cupcakes!  What have I gotten myself into!  I am destined to gain 10lbs in no time!  Good thing I started another Quest yesterday!

Cookie class!
The finished master pieces
Harper checking out Tatum
Kelsey & Harper
The Wii...a perfect distraction for our boys!
Mario Cart Racing!
writing their letters
Our practice run!
The ice cream cone I made for Kelsey
The tulip Kelsey made for me
The mini lemon they look yummy?...
She seems to think so!!
Want some of mine?

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I haven't been very good about posting just plain ole pics of the kids and talking about what they are doing here it goes(hopefully I can remember everything)!


As he approaches 3.5 on April 29th he is doing the following:
Weighs 40 pounds(with his clothes and shoes)
Is about 42 inches (3'6")
Is becoming a pro at Mario Cart on the Wii
LOVES driving his gator on the track that Steve made him in the field
Still doesn't like his sister
Loves to be my little helper when cooking or baking
Is fully potty trained(except for the occasional mishap in the middle of the night)
Is kind of a picky eater, but his favorites are:
- OATMEAL(for every meal)
-Mac & cheese
-tomato soup

He loves to race anything and everything
He has a HUGE collection of CARS from the movie CARS
He tells me that his best friends are Ty, Quinn, Mason & Landon
He loves to sing and hold dance parties
He loves playing baseball and right now he throws right and bats left
He can hit the ball off a pitch pretty good!
We just signed him up for Tee Ball
And maybe the most important thing of all that Xavier is doing...after 3 years 4 months and 6 days, on March 7th, Xavier finally is sleeping in his own bed!!!

playing the piano...I think he is pretty musical!
dressing himself...his pants are on inside out and backwards
making green eggs and ham
rockin' out with the guitar
his mad face
he got a hold of Steve's shaver and shaved his face like Daddy and then he took a nice chunk out of his hair!


We missed Harper's 9 month check up so this is what she is doing:
She weighs about 18.5 lbs(my little peanut)
I have no idea how long she is
She says:

Waves hi and bye
signs milk & more
blows kisses
gives HI-5
plays patty cake
she finally crawls the "right" way
She will pull herself up on things and walk around them
Her latest trick is to stand up in the middle of the room and sometimes she will clap, but she hasn't taken any steps yet...if she is going to move she will drop down and crawl!
She is eating EVERYTHING!!  Her favorite at the moment is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches(I know...peanut butter before she is 1, but she's the second...and she's not allergic)!
She has her two bottom teeth and her two top teeth
She LOVES her brother and his toys!
She loves to dance and she will do it on command (Mama's girl)
She will turn 1 on May 2nd and it makes me sad to know that she is getting older so quickly.

She falls asleep in her high chair...just like her brother did!
My little eater
This is her happy face...
This is her mad face!
Bath time...she's not the biggest fan, but I guess I caught her on a good day!

10 months old/young

Pretty in Pink!


The Neyens family gets together every few months to celebrate the birthdays that have either gone by or are about to happen around that time.  In February however we have 6 birthdays that we celebrate!  It is crazy how many of us were born in February!  It's always a lot of food, a lot of fun and well, you'll see!

Harper sporting Auntie's Olympic hat

USA was playing CANADA in the GOLD medal men's hockey game, so I made gold medal cookies for everyone.  The game was soooo intense!  It went into "overtime" (I don't know hockey lingo, so I think they call it overtime) at the last second, so I decided it was a good idea to hand out the gold medal cookies I made for everyone!!
DJ says, "Team USA is number 1!"
Lindsey can taste the GOLD
I think the GOLD is as good as ours...and then...we lost.  Boo and everyone blamed it on me handing out the gold medal cookies...whatever!
Laurie decided to make play dough with Xavier!
Ok...Xavier had a great idea to take off his little wheels(training wheels).  So instead of tell him no, we said OK!!  This is how it went!
The first fall...he didn't even make it out of the drive-way!
Let's try again!
Here we go....
He kept falling with Steve helping so naturally he thought it was all Steve's fault, so Lindsey & Jared gave it a try...
This is his pouting face after he couldn't get the bike to "work!"  
So we put the wheels back on and we all went for a walk!
She finally crashed with Daddy...
Xavier helping Big Poppa open his birthday presents!
Harper & Papa
The group in our Olympic Gear!  The only one who didn't really go was Steve's Dad & Jared who is in the window giving us a thumbs down because he was bitter that we didn't invite him!  Again...Xavier was obsessed with this umbrella!