Monday, February 21, 2011


I absolutely LOVE the snow. When we get a lot of snow I usually get to stay home with my kiddos and play because the roads are too bad to drive on. This winter I was really hoping for some big snow storms and we got a few. Since buying our 4 wheelers, sledding has taken on a whole new meaning! Xavier loves to be pulled behind the quad and could probably do it for hours, if his face didn't get so cold.

The only problem with these random snow storms is that I am never prepared with snow gear. This year was no different, but we managed and we had lots of hot chocolate ready when our play was over!
Helmet on and ready to go sledding

Father-Daughter 4 wheeling in the snow!
Mommy pulling Xavier with Harper riding along!

February 23, 2011
Ok, I wrote the above a couple of days ago and today, what happened.....MORE SNOW! This time we are getting about a foot of snow. Holy smokes! This is just crazy, but I got a snow day from work and the kids had fun playing at the neighbors building snowmen! Here's a little video of the snow that fell during the day and then it started back up at 5pm.