Sunday, May 31, 2009


I was so excited for the hot weather and the weekend to start because I needed to have some quality time with Xavier.  He has been acting up lately I think because I haven't been able to give him a lot of quality one on one time.  So here's what we did!

While Xavier was at school on Friday, Harper and I took advantage of the sun!!  This was her first experience of laying out!  She wasn't too thrilled with this position....
So we switched positions....this one worked a little better!
After much thought...I bought Xavier a slip-n-slide and a sprinkler.  Last time we had an inflatable pool, Ruby ATE it!  So we played it safe, except Xavier wasn't too fond of his new sprinkler.
It was FREE kids day at the fairgrounds in Mount Vernon on Saturday!  There were lots of venders there with lots of kids activities.  Harper stayed home with Steve and Xavier and I walked to kids day for some one on one fun time!
We saw Llamas....
He Bounced...
Got his face painted....
Shot some hoops...
And finally...he got to ride the ponies!  We had to wait in line for awhile to ride the ponies, but it was so worth it!  I have been thinking about taking Xavier to the pony farm, so this was a test to see if he was scared or if he even liked it....He jumped right on the horse and looked like a PRO!!  He didn't want to get off!  I think we will go to Lang's and ride horses this summer!

On Sunday we went to the Everett Farmer's market with my mom and Tim.  I love Farmer's markets!  I usually buy fruits and veggies for the week there.  I missed the Mount Vernon one on Saturday so I'm glad we went to the Everett one!  The dog was bigger than him!
Xavier was clapping and dancing to the band
1-2-3 WEEE
Next stop...the beach!  When we got to the beach he didn't even go down to the water to start digging!  He found sand and went at it.
This was our "super cheese" faces!
He wanted to take his swim suit off to go in the I let him!
Then he quickly wanted to put his shirt back on!  He was checking out the big boat behind him....
So we took him on the big boat!  It's pretty cheap to just walk on, ride across, look for whales, watch cars drive on & off the boat, stay on and then walk off!  All that fun for $3.95!
I'm glad everyone is looking at the camera!

It was a GREAT weekend and we have a fun week ahead of us as well!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009


I am going all the way back to May 7th to catch this blog up!  We have been farely busy since Harper was born, but I have managed to take a few pictures!

May 7~ Our first visit.  We went up to Nooksack to visit GG and Big Poppa and we had a great dinner with everyone!  Harper got lots of loves and Xavier got a present from Grandma and Papa!
Papa finally getting some snuggle time with Harper.
Big Poppa looking like a natural with Harper.
Xavier, Big Poppa and Harper
The new inflatable baseball tee, ball and bat that Grandma and Papa got Xavier.  He was very good at hitting the ball!
May 8~DJ and Lindsey came by for a visit.  Xavier LOVES playing with DJ and Lindsey as you can see!  They are going to be great parents one day!
Lindsey snuggling with Harper
DJ getting some snuggle time, when Lindsey would let him!!
May 9~ Since I knew we were going to be busy the next day with Mother's Day and dedicating the kids at church, I told Steve I really wanted to get out of the house and go to LaConner.  So we did!  This was Harper's first outing in her stroller.  She was a week old.  We looked at boats with Xavier and shopped!  We ended up eating dinner at the Waterfront Cafe.  I was a nice relaxing day!
Steve and Xavier looking at the boats.
Striking a pose for the mamaratzzi!
We couldn't walk past this antique shop without letting Xavier have a ride on the horse!
May 10~ Mother's Day!  We have been attending a new church that we just love, CitiPoint!  On Mother's Day they had a dedication for kids and we had Xavier and luckily Harper dedicated!  It was such a great day and both of our families were able to attend the service!

Pastor Ken Hubbard picked up the kids and carried them around while his wife read the paragraph we wrote about each one.
Xavier was waving to his family like a pro!

Harper was the youngest to be dedicated that day at 8 days old!  We were glad she decided to arrive in time!
After the dedication we went to Bob's Burger for brunch.  Papa Tim finally getting to hold Harper.
I have found Harper sleeping like this in her swing on more than one occasion!  
The first "real" outfit I put her in!  I think we were going to a baseball game!
Her concerned face!
May 17~ We went to downtown Mount Vernon and watched the soap box races!  Xavier loved them and I hope when he's 8 he will want to race them!
May 18~ Our first family Mariners game of the year!  Of course Xavier was scared of the moose, so Harper and I had our picture taken!
  May 19~play date at Ty's house!  They are watching Go Diego Go!
  May 22~Jared was home for the weekend so we went down to Marysville so he could meet Harper and he played baseball with Xavier!
May 23~NWAACCs for baseball!  SVC ended up losing out when we got there, so we went back to the hotel and Xavier went swimming with Corbin and Anna Silva. 
Playing in the hot tub with Anna and all the other girls!
Yukon Ron-the SVC bus driver had to pose with Harper(21 days old) since he posed with Xavier in 2006!  Steve befriended Yukon Ron on our road trip to Spokane on our way to the NWAACCs for volleyball!
Yukon Ron-2006 holding his littlest passenger Xavier on our Volleyball NWAACC road trip to Spokane!  Xavier was 21 days old!
Yukon Ron-reinacting how he held Xavier(now 2.5) back when he was 3 weeks old in 2006 on the vball NWAACC road trip to Spokane!  Xavier wasn't too thrilled and didn't know what to do in this picture!!
Anna Silva holding Harper.  She was such a great help at all of the baseball games!
Since SVC lost out when we got down to Longview, we decided Sunday to go to NW Trek and visit the animals!  There is a walking tour of the "predators" and then there is a tram tour of the "non predators!"  On our walking tour we saw large cats, eagles, owls, otters, wolverines, beavers, wolves and Xavier's favorite BEARS!!
It was a perfect day for walking around and riding the tram.
On the tram tour we saw goats, moose, bison, deer, geese, swans, sheep and many more that I can't remember!
Bison...not to be confused with Buffalo...did you know there aren't any buffalo in North America?  There are only Bison...either way we like to grill up some buffalo/bison burgers every once in awhile!
We told Xavier these were Reindeer!
Xavier pretending to be asleep on the tram.  He really should have fallen asleep since he went without a nap.
After NW Trek, we met up with the Teeples and went to dinner.
We haven't seen them in forever, so this was fun for everyone!
Xavier(2.5), Taylor(4) & Tesslynn(2 in June) cheesin' it up
We told Tesslynn to give Xavier a kiss on the cheek!  That is why his hand is over his cheek!
Again, he wanted nothing to do with the girls kissing him on the cheek!
We drove home Sunday night and this is how Xavier ended our Memorial Weekend on Monday...on the "sick couch" with the tummy flu!  It was a good weekend right up until the end!