Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thinking of making the switch!

Ok, as most of you know I am not good at updating my blog. No surprise there! The main reason I dread doing it is because it takes forever to download my pictures! Over the past year I have been working a lot with WordPress for my Firefighters Wives website and I LOVE WordPress! So...I think I am going to make the switch from blogspot to WordPress. The only problem is I didn't know how to do this, until now!

I came across this book and it's so step by step that I think it's going to be simple. I am not a tech wizard, so step by step and visual is important to me. WordPress is so much easier, faster and just over all BETTER! I will let you know what my new blog is once the process is complete, but in the mean time, if you are thinking of switching to a much better blog platform and you don't want to pay someone hundreds of dollars to do it for you, then I suggest investing $35.00 into this ebook! Here's the link!

Click here to see the book.


Kristi / SuperMomx3 said...

How's the switch coming?

smith said...

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tiaolou003 said...

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